23rd Graduate Meeting: Life History Evolution

March 19.-20.  2018

University of Freiburg, Institute for Biology I


The 23rd DZG (German Zoological Society) Graduate Meeting in Evolutionary Biology will take place at the Zoological Institute in Freiburg, in March of 2018. While the meeting’s main topic will be „Life History Evolution“, all scholars of evolutionary biology are welcome to discuss their plans and results. The meeting is supported by the DZG and the Research Unit FOR2281 So-Long.


PDF-Version of the Abstracts_and_Schedule

Map of Freiburg with all important locations

Program overview including directions:

Sunday 18.3.
Monday 19.3. Tuesday 20.3. Wednesday 21.3.
Morning 10:00 Talk by Thomas Flatt

11:30 Talk by Sandra Steiger

9:30 Short talks

13:00 Poster session

9:00 Voice training workshop
 Afternoon  14:00 Short talks  14:30 Short talks
Evening Ice breaker @ Mauritius, the beach restaurant 16:15 City Tour (Schwabentor) 18:00 Dinner @ Harmonie

Invited speakers


Sandra Steiger Portrait

Sandra Steiger, University of Gießen: „New insights into family life – why fathers stay, mothers are so caring and offspring get spoiled“


Thomas Flatt PortraitThomas Flatt, University of Fribourg: „Genetics of Life-History Clines“



Voice training workshop

We offer a voice training workshop on Wednesday morning. Why should you modulate your voice during talks and lectures and how can you do that? Nisma Bux-Cherrat will lead you through practical exercises thNisma Cherratat will improve how you use your voice and reduce stress during public appearances. Please let us know if you want to participate as spots for the workshop are limited. The workshop requires a basic knowledge in German.


Freiburg is attractive for tourists and accommodation is not always easy to find. We recommend you book your rooms rather early. We blocked some beds in the StayInn until December 21st (rooms with two beds 58-65EUR/night/room; rooms with three beds 75EUR/night/room – use the code „DZG Graduate Meeting“ if you want to book directly. Please contact us (gradmeeting2018@biologie.uni-freiburg.de) if you are looking for a roommate or have any questions.


We still have a few spots open, please contact us if you are interested in coming! Please send an email to gradmeeting2018@biologie.uni-freiburg.de by December 20st. If you would like to present at the meeting, please include a short (200 words) abstract and names & affiliations of co-authors, and also indicate whether you would like to present a talk or a poster.  The meeting itself is going to be for free. Options for accommodation in Freiburg are typically exhausted months in advance, so try to book your room as early as possible.