24th Graduate meeting

March 26.-27.2019

Universität Hamburg, Institute of Zoology


The 24th DZG (German Zoological Society) Graduate Meeting in Evolutionary Biology will take place at the Institute of Zoology in Hamburg, in March of 2019. While the meeting’s main topic will be „Hybridization“, all scholars of evolutionary biology are welcome to discuss their plans and results. The meeting is supported by the DZG and the MIN Graduate school at the Universität Hamburg, as well as the the Biofuture initiative.


Final Abstract book & Schedule (pdf)

Final schedule

Start Presenter’s name Location
Monday 25.03
09:00 Workshop session 1 1- Library (Zoology)
10:30 Coffee break coffee-cup 1- Library (Zoology)
11:00 Workshop session 2 1- Library (Zoology)
12:30 Lunch break 4/5 – Mensa
13:30 Workshop session 3 1- Library (Zoology)
15:00 Coffee break coffee-cup 1- Library (Zoology)
15:30 Workshop session 4 1- Library (Zoology)
17:00 Graduate meeting registration + Ice breaker 3 – Entrance hall (Zoology)

+ Semester

Tuesday 26.03
08:45 Graduate meeting registration + Welcome 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
09:30 Anja Westram 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
10:30 Coffee break coffee-cup 3 – Entrance hall (Zoology)
10:50 Merle Ücker 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
11:10 Paressa Papadopoulou-Wörner 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
11:30 Tania Holtzem 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
11:50 Jana Nickel 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
12:10 Lunch break pizza 3 – Entrance hall (Zoology)
13:50 Pracheta Rana 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
14:10 Daniel Romero-Mujalli 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
14:30 Jan Buellesbach 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
14:50 Poster presenters lightning talks 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
15:00 Poster session + Coffee coffee-cup 3 – Entrance hall (Zoology)
Wednesday 27.03
09:30 Leslie Turner 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
10:30 Coffee break coffee-cup 3 – Entrance hall (Zoology)
10:50 Paigan Aspinall 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
11:10 Shauni Doms 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
11:30 Cen Zeng 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
11:50 Kim Rohlfing 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
12:10 Sebastian Franke 2 – Lecture hall C (Chemistry)
12:30 Lunch 4/5 – Mensa
13:30 Free afternoon (museum visits)
18:00 Dinner                         pizza Surfkitchen

coffee-cuppizzaicons indicate when food/drinks are provided by the organisation

Numbers refer to the yellow dots on the maps below

Invited speakers

Westram2 Anja Westram, IST Vienna






Leslie Turner, University of Bath

Talks and Posters

There will be over 20 time slots available for giving 15 minutes talks (+ 5 minutes discussion). Seize the opportunity to practice your presentation skills in front of a small international audience!  Time slots will be attributed on a first come, first served basis. If the number of applicants for talks exceed the capacity, the applicants will be automatically offered the opportunity to present a poster instead.

There will be a 2 hour poster session on the first day.

If you would like to present at the meeting, please include a short (250 words) abstract and names of co-authors in your registration form, and also indicate whether you would like to present a talk or a poster. This information should be included in the registration form.


Hamburg is attractive for tourists and accommodation is not always easy to find, but luckily there is no fair at the time of the meeting. We recommend you book your rooms rather early. We provide a list of affordable accomodation with a good access through public transportation below. Please contact us (gradmeeting2019.biologie@uni-hamburg.de) if you are looking for a roommate or have any questions.

Name Address Walking distance to institute Nearest stop
Generator Hostel Hamburg Steintorplatz 3,        20099 Hamburg 3,0 km U1 Hauptbahnhof
MAC City Hostel Beim Strohhause 26, 20097 Hamburg 4,0 km U2/3/4 Berliner Tor
instant Sleep Backpacker Hostel Max-Brauer-Allee 277, 22769 Hamburg 2,0 km Bus 15 Schulterblatt
a&o Hamburg Reeperbahn Reeperbahn 154, 20359 Hamburg 3,1 km S-Bahn Reeperbahn
a&o Hamburg Hauptbahnhof Amsinckstr. 2,  20097 Hamburg 3,4 km U1 Steinstraße
bedpark Altona Pension Stresemannstr. 117,  22769 Hamburg 2,5 km Bus 15 Sternbrücke
Guesthouse-Nachtquartier Max-Brauer-Allee 277, 22769 Hamburg 2,0 km Bus 15 Schulterblatt

Travel & Meeting location

Hamburg is a popular destination and can be reached easily by plane and train or even by car (see options on the car sharing platform).

The meeting takes place near the university’s central campus, in Grindel, in two buildings around the Martin-Luther-King Platz.

Large map

1 – Library (Workshop), 2- Lecture Hall C (Talks), 3- Coffee breaks, 4 + 5 Mensa


Medium mapMediumMap

Zoology mapSmallMap

Institute’s address:

Institute for Zoology, Martin-Luther-King Platz 3, 20146 Hamburg, Campus Map

Next bus stop: Lines 4/5 Grindelhof, Line 15 Bundesstrasse

Public transportation schedules available at HVV

Menus for Mensa Geomatikum (4) and Mensa Campus (5)

Workshop „Defining your contribution“

We offer a workshop on Monday 25th led by Iain Patten and just acquired funding to this end!  Please let us know if you want to participate as spots for the workshop are limited. The workshop is in English, here is a short description:

„Success in research depends on our capacity to make a regular and significant contribution to the field. But what determines whether our work will have an impact or how significant that impact will be? In this short workshop, we will look carefully at how we define our contribution and how we can use this as a basis for effective research design and communication. We will then explore how we can develop our writing in parallel with the research we do, developing a flexible framework for research stories that can be  adapted in the light of experience. Finally, we will look at how to refocus research for different audiences, to maximise the impact and relevance of our work.“

This workshop is suitable for researchers at all levels, from PhD student to group leader.


The meeting is organized by Mathilde Cordellier, Jana Nickel, Cen Zeng, Jennifer Lüneburg and Lisa Gottschlich in the Molecular Evolutionary Biology Lab in Hamburg.

To ensure timely answers, please send all requests to the centralized email address gradmeeting2019.biologie@uni-hamburg.de.