Announcement: 20st Graduate Meeting in Evolutionary Biology in Graz


DZG graduate meetinges in evolutionary biology have a long tradition in offering students the opportunity to present and discuss their research.

Date & Venue

September 08–09, 2015, University of Graz, Austria

HS 06.03, Universitätsplatz 6; ground floor.

Note that this year’s graduate meeting is a satellite symposium to the annual DZG (German Zoological Society) conference, which is on September 9th-12th at the same location. Use the opportunity to cover two meetings in one trip!

Preliminary Schedule

Tuesday 8.9. 17:00 Registration opens
18:00 Invited talk by Sarah Leonhardt: Chemical profiles of stingless bees: an evolutionary story of genes and trees
19:00 Poster session
20:00 Dinner / get-together
Wednesday 9.9. 09:00 Invited talk by Craig Albertson: Evolvability of the cichlid jaw: Using cichlids to better understand the development and evolution of complex phenotypes
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Biswas: Can coevolution with a parasite lead to emergence of cross-resistance in the host? A study on survival and gene expression upon infection
10:50 Biedermann: Cooperative pathogen defence in fungus-farming ambrosia beetles
11:10 Bodner: How to smell worse: phenols in the defensive secretions of julid millipedes (Julida, Diplopoda)
11:30 Schüssele: Do major urinary proteins (MUPs) function as a sexual attractant in the wild house mouse (Mus musculus musculus)?
12:30 Coffee break
13:00 Invited talk by Klaus Fischer: Dealing with temperature variation: Thermal adaptation in butterflies
18:30 Official opening DZG conference

Abstract booklet

Download a pdf of the abstract booklet (1.2MB)

Invited Speakers

R. Craig Albertson
(University of Massachusetts Amherst)
evolutionary developmental biology
Klaus Fischer
(University of Greifswald)
behavioural ecology, life history evolution
Sara Leonhardt
(University of Würzburg)
chemical & tropical ecology