26th DZG Graduate Meeting Evolutionary Biology

Animal Communication & Sexual Selection

May 10th – 12th 2021 – online meeting: click here for details!

The 26th DZG Graduate Meeting Evolutionary Biology will be organized by the General & Systematic Zoology Section, Zoological Institute & Museum, University of Greifswald in May 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will meet on a virtual platform to present current projects, facilitate scientific discussions and connect people, with no registration fees for participants. While the main topic is “Animal Communication & Sexual Selection”, all early-career scholars of evolutionary biology are welcome to present and discuss their research plans and/or results.

Talks and Posters

We have over 20 slots available for giving 15 min talks (10 min presentation + 5 min discussion). Seize the opportunity to practice your presentation skills in front of your peers in an open, friendly atmosphere! Time slots will be attributed on a first-come, first-served basis. If the number of applicants for talks exceeds the capacity, the applicants will be automatically offered the opportunity to present a (digital) poster instead.

If you would like to participate in the meeting, please send an e-mail to monika.eberhard@uni-greifswald.de with the following information:

  • Short abstract (<250 words) with title and all authors + affiliation(s); please indicate the presenting author
  • Your consent (or dissent) that your talk will be recorded and shared with the other participants

Registration deadline will be April 19th 2021.

Invited Speakers

Eileen Hebets, School of Biological Sciences
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Michael Reichert, Department of Integrative Biology
Oklahoma State University


Monika Eberhard
University of Greifswald
Zoological Institute and Museum
General & Systematic Zoology
Loitzer Str. 26
17489 Greifswald, Germany
T: +49 3834 420 4286

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Online-Fachgruppentreffen 2020

Dear colleagues,
The annual DZG meeting in Würzburg has been postponed to Sept. 2021, nevertheless, some online-symposia and meetings will take place online next week and you are all very welcome to participate!
As there are so many interesting Evolutionary Biology Symposia and Webinars already out there for you to watch, we decided to offer a virtual section group meeting only. We will set up a Zoom-Meeting which will be open on Friday, 11. September, 15:30 o’clock (just before the general DZG member assembly). You’re all invited to join us for a meet and greet, especially if you have any requests or questions.
Please also stay tuned for the upcoming 25th Graduate Meeting Evolutionary Biology, which will be held online, 28. – 30. September!
Looking forward to seeing you next Friday!
All the best
The speakers of the section group Evolutionary Biology
Monika Eberhard
Claudia Fricke
Volker Nehring

25th DZG Graduate Meeting Evolutionary Biology

Genetics of adaptation: from single loci to polygenic traits

  • The meeting will be held online (a zoom link will be sent to all participants) on 28-30 September 2020

  • Application deadline extended until 1. Sept. 2020

  • Invited Speakers: Joachim Hermisson, Kelly Swarts


The 25th DZG (German Zoological Society) Graduate Meeting in Evolutionary Biology will be organized online by the Institute of Population Genetics at the Vetmeduni Vienna in September 2020. While the meeting’s main topic is “Genetics of adaptation: from single loci to polygenic traits“, all scholars of evolutionary biology are welcome to discuss their plans and results. The meeting is supported by the DZG.



Meeting Schedule

Invited Speaker

Joachim Hermisson & Kelly Swarts

Joachim Hermisson,  University of Vienna

Kelly Swarts , GMI Vienna

Talks and Poster

We have over 20 slots available for 15 minutes talks (+ 5 minutes discussion) and 24 slots for short poster presentations (5 minutes including questions).
The poster presentations will be selected on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

If you would like to participate at the meeting, please send us an email (dzg25th@gmail.com) no later than 1.9.2020 with the following information:
– indicate if you prefer a talk or a poster
– in case of talk: your consent to record your talk and put it online (not mandatory, if you prefer your talk not to be recorded, please inform us)
– in case of a poster: your consent whether the poster can be shared with the other participants
– short abstract (<250 words) with title and all authors, indicate presenting author



Neda Barghi                 Robert Kofler                Christian Schlötterer


Aus der Fachgruppensitzung in Jena 2019

(English text below)

Die Jahrestagung der DZG in Jena haben ca. 350 Teilnehmerinnen besucht. Die Symposiumsvorträge für die Fachgruppe Evolutionsbiologie gaben Alice Dennis (Potsdam) und Dino McMahon (FU Berlin). Zusätzlich konnten wir 16 Kurzvorträge und 15 Poster bewundern. Den Posterpreis der Fachgruppe gewann Jeanne Wilbrandt vom Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipman Institute (The repeatome – abundance, diversity, localization, and activity of repetitive and transposable elements).

Im März 2019 gab es ein Graduiertentreffen der Fachgruppe zum Thema Hybridisierung. Es wurde von Mathilde Cordellier in Hamburg organisiert und beinhaltete einen Workshop „Defining your contribution“ (Iain Patten). Als Hauptredner waren Anja Westram (IST Klosterneuburg) und Leslie Turner (Bath) eingeladen. Das nächste Graduiertentreffen wird vom 28.-30. September 2020 in Wien stattfinden.

Die Jahrestagungen der nächsten Jahre finden werden in Würzburg (8.-11.9.2020) und Bonn (7.-10.9.2021) stattfinden. Für die Symposiumsredner in Evolutionsbiologie bitten wir um Vorschläge per Email an die Fachgruppensprecherinnen. Ein kurzer CV mit Publikationsliste macht uns die Auswahl einfacher, Selbstvorschläge sind willkommen.



What happened in 2019 in the Evolution section?

In March 2019 Mathile Cordellier in Hamburg organised the graduate meeting of the Evolution section with the topic hybridisation.
As part of meeting also a workshop on ‚Defining your contribution‘ (Iain Patten) was included. As main speakers Anja Westram (IST Klosterneuburg) and Leslie Turner (Bath) were invited.

The next graduate meeting of the Evolution section will be organised in Vienna between the 28th and 30th of September 2020. Apply today!

The yearly meeting of the DZG in Jena 2019 hosted ca 350 participants. The symposium speakers were Alice Dennis (Potsdam) and Dino McMahon (FU Berlin). Additionally we had 16 short oral presentations and 15 poster presentations. Jeanne Wilbrandt from the Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipman Institute won the evolution section poster prize for her poster ‚The repeatome – abundance, diversity, localization, and activity of repetitive and transposable elements‘.

The upcoming meetings will be in Würzburg (8.-11.9.2020) and Bonn (7.-10.9.2021). For symposium speakers for Evolution we kindly ask for nominations. Please send an e-mail to the section speakers. A short CV with a publication record will make it easier for us to make a decision and self-nominations are welcome.

The preliminary results form the DFG Fachkollegien election are out. Congratulations to Gabriele Uhl and Klaus Reinhold (both were nominated by the DZG and the Evolution section) to being elected into the DFG Fachkollegium (Zoology – Evolutionary Biology)!

With best wishes for the holiday season and a good start into the New Year 2020

Graduate Meeting 2019 in Hamburg – a report

PictureGroup_croppedClosing picture before heading for a well deserved conference dinner!

On March 25th to 27th, 2019 the 24th DZG Graduate Meeting on Evolutionary Biology was held at the Institute of Zoology of Universität Hamburg.  The focus this year was on the topic “hybridization” but participants from all areas of evolutionary biology were welcome.

The local graduate project “Hybrids” was strongly connected to this conference with all members participating in the DZG Meeting. The “Hybrids” project consists of international students and experienced PIs working on zoological and botanical hybridization-related case studies, aiming to answer general questions in hybridization research. The meeting offered the opportunity to discuss research projects with graduate students as well as experienced researchers from the DZG community and to learn more about novel technical methods, especially in genomic and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis which has been employed more widely to study hybridization.

A total of 34 participants, Master and PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and professors from Germany, Austria and the UK attended the meeting. The program included 12 talks from PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from the Universität Hamburg, Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Evolutionary Biology Plön, MPI for Marine Microbiology Bremen, University of Innsbruck, Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig Bonn, University of Bath, University of Potsdam and University of Münster. The first guest talk was given by Anja Westram (IST Vienna) on replicate hybrid zones and their role in adaptive divergence and speciation. The second keynote speaker Leslie Turner (University of Bath) presented her work on the genetics of male sterility in wild-derived hybrid mice. In addition, the poster session included 4 contributions from CeNak (Hamburg) and University of Duisburg-Essen.

The day before the conference we organized a workshop “Defining your contribution” by Iain Pattern. Eight persons seized the opportunity to learn more about topics such as structuring your research framework, telling a research story from different viewpoints and towards a different audience. The conference was concluded with a dinner on Wednesday evening, during which a short prize giving ceremony was held to honor the best oral and poster presentation voted by all the participants.

Our winner for best talk was Merle Ücker, a PhD student at the MPI for Marine Microbiology, Bremen, with her talk entitled „Symbiosis in a mussel hybrid zone“. Sonja Bamberger (University of Hamburg, Cenak) won the poster prize with her poster “Species delimitation in an Austrian endemic land snail: The case of Trochulus oreinos (Pulmonata: Hygromiidae)”.

The generous funding from the DZG, the hybrid graduate project and MINGS allowed us to offer the conference and the optional workshop at no cost for the participants and provided travel grants for PhD students from Austria and the UK.

We were happy to welcome so many motivated young researchers in Hamburg!

The organizers: Jana Nickel, Cen Zeng, Lisa Gottschlich & Mathilde Cordellier

Extended Deadline – Graduate Meeting 2019 in Hamburg


The registration deadline for the Evolutionary Biology Graduate Meeting in Hamburg is extended til January 31st!

We further received financial support from the MIN Graduate School and are able to subsidize accomodation for PhD students based outside of Germany. Get in touch with us!

Find more details on this page.

See you soon in Hamburg!

Mathilde, Jana and Cen.

Von der DZG-Jahrestagung in Greifswald

Die Jahrestagung der DZG in Greifswald war mit ca. 480 Teilnehmern gut besucht. Von Seiten der Fachgruppe Evolutionsbiologie gaben Mathilde Cordellier (Hamburg: “Predation effects on fitness and gene expression: genotype-phenotype mapping in Daphnia”) und Ulrich Steiner (Odense, DK: “Population dynamics – an evolutionary demographic process”) interessante Symposiumsvorträge. Zusätzlich konnten wir 28 Kurzvorträge und 10 Poster bewundern. Den Posterpreis der Fachgruppe gewann Barbara Eckel (Dresden: “The effect of spermathecal secretions on sperm storage in Drosophila melanogaster”). Die Jahrestagungen 2019 und 2020 finden in Jena und Würzburg statt.

Innerhalb der Fachgruppe gab es einige Veränderungen:

  • Sandra Steiger trat vom Amt als Fachgruppensprecherin zurück, neu gewählt wurde Monika Eberhard (Greifswald). Claudia Fricke und Volker Nehring wurden ebenfalls für zwei weitere Jahre gewählt.

  • Den Email-Verteiler übernimmt auch Monika Eberhard. Vielen Dank noch einmal an die bisherigen Betreuer Stefanie Gierzewski und Johannes Stökl!

  • Das Graduiertentreffen 2019 wird zum Thema Hybridisierung in Hamburg stattfinden (wahrscheinlich am 25. & 26.3.2019), organisiert von Mathilde Cordellier. Details folgen bald. Wir suchen noch eine Ausrichterin für das Treffen im Jahr 2020!

  • Wir bitten auch jetzt schon wieder um Vorschläge für Symposiumsredner für die Jahrestagung 2019 in Jena. Selbstvorschläge sind auch willkommen, ein kurzer CV macht uns die Auswahl einfacher.

Fachgruppentreffen Evolutionsbiologie am 13.9. in Greifswald

Liebe Evolutionsbiologen, im Rahmen der DZG-Jahrestagung in Greifswald wird auch das jährliche Treffen der Fachgruppe Evolutionsbiologie stattfinden, zu dem wir Sie herzlich einladen:

*Mittwoch, 13.9., 18:30 im Raum H4 Loefflercampus*

Sandra Steiger möchte nach vielen Jahren der Arbeit (vielen Dank!) ihr Fachgruppensprecheramt niederlegen. Wir würden uns über Bewerbungen für die Nachfolge freuen, die auch mit der Betreuung des DZGEvol-Emailverteilers verbunden ist. Weitere Themen:

  • Bericht aus der Vorstandssitzung der DZG
  • DZG-Jahrestagungen 2018-2020
  • Berichte und Planungen zu den Graduiertentreffen 2018-2020
  • DFG-Fachkollegienwahl
  • ..

Weitere Themen, die wir üblicherweise behandeln, sehen Sie in den Notizen vom Fachgruppentreffen 2017 in Bielefeld.

Wir würden uns freuen, Sie in Greifswald zu sehen!

Viele Grüße, Claudia Fricke, Sandra Steiger & Volker Nehring